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Dust Free

Not all “Dust Free” Systems are equal. Here are some of the differences.

Bag Type System – The big sanding machine and edgers have cloth bags attached. The bags only pick up the large dust particles. All of the fine dust escapes into the air. The floor buffer which does the final fine sanding has no dust pick up at all! Homeowner is left with a Dust Nightmare to clean up.

Inside-the-house Vacuum Systems – Most vacuums do not have the capacity to handle the large volume of dust created by the big machine, so most resort to the inefficient bag collectors. The edgers and floor buffers can be hooked up to vacuums. But when using vacuums inside the house, not all of the dust is collected by the filters. Also, running the vacuums inside the house stirs up the existing dust. Once again, homeowners are left with a mess to clean up.
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Truck Mounted Vacuum Systems (this is the type Sterling Hardwood Floors uses!) – Hoses are attached to all of the sanding equipment. The hoses are attached to a large power vacuum which is run off a separate truck mounted engine and a large truck mounted filter canister. This is the most efficient dust control system out there. Homeowner is left with little, if any, clean up.


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